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Green Packet is a digital innovator driven by our massive transformative purpose to ensure that every human must thrive with life-improving digital innovations.

Pushing Malaysia ahead with next-generation digital solutions, we create real impact and growth in the lives we touch. Our intent is to always see our partners, customers, and communities grow and thrive in ways we never before imagined possible.


In this format, the logomark floats above and is centred to the logotype. Large vertical spaces such as buntings are suitable for this logo format.
In this format, the logotype stands to the left and on the same level as the logomark. Wide horizontal banners, page headers and other such collaterals are suitable for this logo format.
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Space & Size

There must be a uniform amount of negative space between the logotype, logomark and other graphic elements beyond them. The arrow (as described in the diagram on the right) is a tool to measure negative space in between elements. This allows the logo space to breathe within a layout while ensuring precision, creating consistency.
Use the arrow as a precise measuring tool when ensuring sufficient negative space between logotype, logomark and other graphic elements on the design.
Even alone, the logomark needs room to breathe. Create negative space around the logomark by using the arrow as a measuring tool.
Our trusted arrow lends help again to ensure breathing room for the logotype.