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The Green Packet logo consists of two components – the Logomark and the Logotype, which must be used together.


Primary Colours
Our primary colours of two shades of different greens that can be used.
Secondary Colours
Our secondary colours are grey and a lighter green. These can be used to complement our primary colours and offer a brighter and darker contrast to the design.
Red Highlights
Red gives our communication materials a refreshing accent. Use red sparingly on brand collaterals.


The logotype and logomark may appear on a small variety of backgrounds, as shown on the right. Only black and white allow us to stray from our colour palette.
The colours of the logotype and logomark may be swapped around but within the Greenpacket colour palette.


Museo Sans
All headlines and body copy should utilise Museo Sans font.
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Fira Sans
In certain technical situations, there may be an occasion where the primary font, Museo Sans, is not available or cannot be used. On these occasions, Fira Sans is an alternative font that may be used.
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Elements of the logomark can be used as supporting graphics on a layout. This is also an opportunity to create a sense of movement in our designs.
Arrows should be used sparingly.
Horizontal Bar
These can be used as a section divider. The length of the bar is flexible. When the logomark is on the same page, ideally the height of the bar should be the same as the arrow’s upper bar height.
Vertical Bar
These can be used to add a graphic element to the page for some dynamics. When used with other elements such as the logomark and the arrow, it should be in proportion to the horizontal bar size.


Our icons combine three elements; one of our primary greens is used in illustrative lines, our secondary green fills a flat illustration, then a dash of red gives the icon a vibrant accent.
Lines and Outlined Shapes
Play around with lines and outline shapes, as opposed to filled shapes. Place this illustration in the background.
Flat Shapes
In the foreground, a secondary green is used in flat illustrations.
Red Highlight
A maximum of 15% of the icon is red. This is an opportunity to create a clever detail in the icon.
Other Icons
More examples of icons which can be created in accordance to this style.
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Keep in mind to space the graphic elements in proportion to each other to create a graphically balanced visual.


Our photographed images are shot with plenty of natural light. The colour palette is warm and natural with neutral tones. The models look friendly and spontaneous. Models should not be too good looking; we want to relatable to regular people.
Sometimes our photos need to be sent out with a watermark. Insert the watermark on the bottom right hand corner.


When creating new illustrations to go with our communications materials or campaigns, keep in mind that the style should follow our brand values.
Brand Colours
  • • Utilise the main brand colours
  • • If you need to use more colours, use a colour palette that complements the primary and secondary colours, but make sure the main brand colours stand out the most
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When placing our logo with other logos from different partners, ensure that there is a uniform sense of space given.